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2.4kV Ferrule / Medium Voltage Fuses

R-rated Motor Starter Fuses - Amp-trap R-rated fuses are current-limiting, high interrupting rating fuses intended for the short-circuit protection of medium voltage motors and motor controllers. R-rated fuses are back up fuses that have a minimum interrupting rating, and must be coordinated with overload relays in combination motor starters. The motor starter manufacturer generally specifies the R-rated fuse size. Amp-trap R-rated fuses are rated 2R to 36R.

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  • Ferrule mounting for standard clips and interchangeability with other brands of fuses

Part Numbers

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  • AC: 2R to 36R - 2750V, 45kA I.R. Sym.
  • Ferraz Shawmut Certified A240R @ 2750V, 45kA, Sym.
  • Short circuit protection of medium voltage motors and motor controllers