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A2D & A6D Series / Class RK1 / Time Delay

Upgrade yesterday's circuits to today's Type 2 protection - Amp-Trap 2000 SmartSpot® A2D fuses now provide a visual open fuse indicator. With advanced material technology added to the existing product line the A2D provides today's IEC Type 2 "no damage" protection to existing mains, feeders, and branch circuits serving motor and non-motor loads. A2D fuses will open fast enough under short circuit conditions for maximum short circuit protection to prevent needless damage to motor starters, switches, and other circuit components, yet are slow enough to provide the long time delay for motor in-rush currents.

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  • Solid State SmartSpot Indicator
  • Time delay for motor starting and transformer inrush currents without nuisance opening
  • 300kA interrupting rating - self-certified, UL witnessed tests
  • Extremely Current Limiting for low peak let-thru current
  • Easy 2-to-1 selectivity for prevention of nuisance shut downs and "black outs"
  • Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors (when used with recommended fuse blocks)
  • High-visibility orange label gives instant recognition
  • Reduced inventory by taking the place of RK5, K, and H fuses
  • Metal embossed date and catalog number for easier traceability and lasting identification
  • Fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings
  • Brass end-caps (blade-style) for cooler operation and superior performance
  • High grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching
  • AC: 250VAC, 200kA I.R.
  • AC: 250V DC, 100kA I.R.
  • UL Listed to Standard 248-12
  • CSA Certified to Standard C22.2 No. 248.12
  • Some Ratings RoHS Compliant
  • Motors
  • Safety Switches
  • Transformers
  • Branch Circuit Protection
  • Disconnects
  • Control Panels
  • All General-purpose Circuits

Ferraz A2D & A6D Series Fuse Selection

250V 600V 250V 600V 250V 600V
1/10 A2D1/10R A6D1/10R   3-1/2 A2D3-1/2R A6D3-1/2R   50 A2D50R A6D50R
15/100 A2D15/100R A6D15/100R   4 A2D4R A6D4R   60 A2D60R A6D60R
2/10 A2D2/10R A6D2/10R   4-1/2 A2D4-1/2R A6D4-1/2R   70 A2D70R A6D70R
3/10 A2D3/10R A6D3/10R   5 A2D5R A6D5R   75 A2D75R A6D75R
4/10 A2D4/10R A6D4/10R   5-6/10 A2D5-6/10 A6D5-6/10R   80 A2D80R A6D80R
1/2 A2D1/2R A6D1/2R   6 A2D6R A6D6R   90 A2D90R A6D90R
6/10 A2D6/10R A6D6/10R   6-1/4 A2D6-1/4R A6D6-1/4R   100 A2D100R A6D100R
8/10 A2D8/10R A6D8/10R   7 A2D7R A6D7R   110 A2D110R A6D110R
1 A2D1R A6D1R   8 A2D8R A6D8R   125 A2D125R A6D125R
1-1/8 A2D1-1/8R A6D1-1/8R   9 A2D9R A6D9R   150 A2D150R A6D150R
1-1/4 A2D1-1/4R A6D1-1/4R   10 A2D10R A6D10R   175 A2D175R A6D175R
1-4/10 A2D1-4/10R A6D1-4/10R   12 A2D12R A6D12R   200 A2D200R A6D200R
1-6/10 A2D1-6/10R A6D1-6/10   15 A2D15R A6D15R   225 A2D225R A6D225R
1-8/10 A2D1-8/10R A6D1-8/10R   17-1/2 A2D17-1/2R A6D17-1/2R   250 A2D250R A6D250R
2 A2D2 A6D2R   20 A2D20R A6D20R   300 A2D300R A6D300R
2-1/4 A2D2-1/4R A6D2-1/4R   25 A2D25R A6D25R   350 A2D350R A6D350R
2-1/2 A2D2-1/2R A6D2-1/2R   30 A2D30R A6D30R   400 A2D400R A6D400R
2-8/10 A2D2-8/10R A6D2-8/10R   35 A2D35R A6D35R   450 A2D450R A6D450R
3 A2D3 A6D3R   40 A2D40R A6D40R   500 A2D500R A6D500R
3-2/10 A2D3-2/10R A6D3-2/10R   45 A2D45R A6D45R   600 A2D600R A6D600R