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Bolt-In Series / 5.5kV / Medium Voltage

5kV Bolt-In Fuses - Amp-trap Bolt-in Series E-rated fuses are single, double or triple barrel (3" diam.) with end mounts designed for bolting directly to equipment bus or terminal pads. They are UL listed and are for use indoors (or outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure). The unique time-current characteristic of Ferraz Shawmut E-rated fuses allows them to be closely sized to transformer full load rated current, as recommended by IEEE guidelines, without being affected by normal magnetizing inrush current. Bolt-in fuses are typically sized at transformer rated current of 133%, thereby providing superior overall protection.

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  • UL Listed for compatibility with UL listed equipment
  • Bolt-in mounting for direct connection to bus or terminals
  • Current Limiting for superior equipment protection
  • Blown-fuse indicator gives positive identification of open fuse
  • Non-venting for silent operation
  • Metal Embossed Catalog Number and manufacturing date for lasting identification

Part Numbers

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  • AC: 10E to 1200E - 5.5kV, 63kA I.R. Sym.
  • UL Listed to JEEG, "Fuses Over 600 Volts"
  • Protection for 5.5kV transformers or distribution systems