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CS-3 Series / 15.5kV / Medium Voltage

15.5kV Ferrule Mounted Fuses - Amp-trap CS-3 E-rated 5kV, 8kV and 15kV fuses have 2 or 3 Inch diameter barrels with ferrules and are mounted in spring reinforced clips. They are UL listed as "general purpose current-limiting fuses" and are for use indoors (or outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure). The unique time-current characteristic of Ferraz Shawmut E-rated fuses allows them to be closely sized to transformer full-load rated current, as recommended by IEEE guidelines, without being affected by normal magnetizing inrush current. CS-3 fuses are typically sized at transformer rated current of 133%, thereby providing superior overall protection.

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  • UL Listed for compatibility with UL listed equipment
  • Ferrule mounting for standard clips and interchangeability with other brands of fuses
  • Current Limiting for superior equipment protection
  • Blown-fuse indicator gives positive identification of open fuse
  • Non-venting for silent operation
  • Metal Embossed Catalog Number and manufacturing date for lasting identification

Part Numbers

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  • AC: 5E to 450E - 15.5kV, 50kA I.R. Sym.
  • UL Listed to JEEG, "Fuses Over 600 Volts"
  • Protection for 15.5kV transformers or distribution systems
  • Spring Reinforced Clips for CS-3 Fuses: 228-700-530 (one pair of clips)