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DO Type (NEOZED) / Fuse Links & Screw Cap Holders

Ferraz Shawmut DO fuse-links, also called Neozed type, are 400 Volts AC rated with 100kA interrupting rating. They have 3 physical sizes, DO1, DO2, and DO3 and fit into special screw caps. All fuse-links have blown-fuse indicators which are visible through the screw cap when mounted. Screw caps fit onto single and three-pole bases which are screw or DIN rail mounted. Accessories such as covers and gauge rings are described.

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  • Blown-fuse indicators
  • 400V AC rated
  • 100kA interrupting rating

Part Numbers

  • AC: 400VAC
  • Meet IEC, VDE and UNE Standards:
    • IEC 269-3, 3A
    • VDE 0636
    • UNE 21103
  • RoHS Compliant