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Surge-Trap® SPD Type 1 XP Series

The Surge-Trap® Type 1 XP Series offers advanced performance over other products. The XP meets requirements for UL1449 Third Edition and has been designed to be as compact as possible while offering advanced protection. The XP features TPMOV® technology inside making it the safest product available. Installation can be done on the line or load side of a panel. The XP is the perfect fit from service entrance all the way down to an important machine specific control panel.

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  • UL 1449 Third Edition Listed, Type 1 SPD (Sept. 2009)
  • Can be installed line-side or load-side of main disconnect
  • 20kA Nominal discharge current
  • 200kA SCCRs (most models)
  • UL 96A Lightning Protection Master Label compliant (@20kA In)
  • Pre-wired with 3’ (1m) of #10 AWG conductor
  • Voltage specific design – highly configurable
  • All MOV suppression elements monitored
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Phase-loss monitoring (toggles LED and dry contacts)


  • AC:
  • Surge : 100kA
  • Phase L-N   L-G    N-G 
                 50kA  50kA  50kA
  • Volts : 120 - 600
  • SCCR : 200kA (most models)
  • Nominal discharge current
    : 20kA (most models)
  • Operating & storage temp
    : -250C to +600C
  • Enclosure
    : NEMA 4x
  • UL 1449 Third Edition, (cUL Type 2 optional)
  • UL File VZCA.E210793
  • RoHS Compliant
  • IEC 61643, CE
  • Burn-In tested prior to shipment
  • UL 96A lighting protection master label
  • AC Distribution
  • Power supplies
  • Drive Protection
  • Fire Alarms
  • Control Panels
  • Telecommunications
  • Residential
  • IT / Data centers