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TGN - 170VDC Rated Telecomm Fuse

Ferraz Shawmut telecommunications fuses are specially designed for the protection of telecommunications equipment which includes telephone switching equipment, rectifiers, distribution switching panels, battery back-up modules, power supplies and switching sub-stations. TGN telecom fuses are available from 1 to 600 amperes rated at 170VDC with an interrupting rating of 100,000 amps to fulfill your circuit protection needs. The telecom fuses have high current limiting capabilities to provide a better degree of circuit protection to traditional telecommunications equipment. These fuses consist of a blue and white label for easy identification of their DC voltage capability.

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  • All fuses rated 170VDC, 100kA I.R.
  • Extremely current limiting
  • Blue & white labels for easy identification

Part Numbers

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  • AC: 170VDC, 100kA I.R.
  • UL Recognized Components, File #E60314
  • RoHS Compliant