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228-700 Series Medium Voltage / Fuse Clips for CL-14 Fuses

The Clip Lock design provides a reliable, high-pressure contact. Ferraz Shawmut CL-14 fuses have copper tabs which slide into position between the clip casting and cam. When the cam is locked by moving the pull ring, a high-pressure contact is made between the clip casting and fuse tab. Each clip includes two .44” diameter counter-sunk holes on 2” centers and two flat head socket screws (3/8-16 UNRC, recommended torque 200 pound-inches) for mounting the clip on standard NEMA insulators. These clips will accommodate 5kV and 15kV CL-14 fuses rated 10E to 600E. Order catalog number 228-700-520 for one pair of fuse clips, enough for one fuse.

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