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Fuserblock - Universal Gear Box

Ferraz Shawmut FUSERBLOC disconnect switches are extremely durable, manually operated, fusible disconnect switches.  All FUSERBLOC switches are supplied with fuse covers and line side shrouding as a standard feature. These switches provide the ultimate in short circuit protection when used with Ferraz Shawmut’s Class CC, J or L fuses. These heavy-duty switches are designed with the most up-to-date disconnect fuse and switch technology available. 

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    Double break contacts per pole ensure complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is in the
    OFF position .

    The optional TEST function (up to 400 A) enables testing of the control circuit auxiliaries without switching the main contacts . This function provides a simple alternative to a separately wired
    push button.

Part Numbers

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  • AC: 600V AC
  • DC: 250V DC
  • UL98 UL Listed, Guide WPZX, File E191605
  • CSA Certified, Class 465204, File 703166
  • IEC 947-3
  • CE mark
  • A wide array of handles are available to meet OSHA padlocking requirements, NEMA configurations, defeater options and NFPA 79 requirements .
  • Service entrance or main panel disconnects up to 600VAC
  • 800A “Make and Break” power circuit applications on load
  • Fusible isolation switches
  • NFPA 79 Solutions