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MPDB Series UL Open-Style Power Distribution Blocks

The Next Generation Power Distribution Block (PDB). Mersen power distribution blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables, splitting primary power into secondary circuits and fulfilling requirements for fixed junction tap-off points. All blocks are UL and CSA approved while meeting spacing requirements for feeder and branch circuits in conjunction with UL508A and the National Electrical Code®. PDB options include single or dual conductor primary inputs and up to 30 secondary outputs. Specialty blocks are available allowing for up to 7 primary inputs. The MPDB series is offered in three size categories: miniature (MPDB62 and MPDB63 series), intermediate (MPDB66 and MPDB67 series), and large (MPDB68 and MPDB69 series), in both aluminum and copper.

Meet the trend for increased electrical safety and reduction of shock hazards by adding a saftey cover to you PDB. The optional safety cover snaps easily into the MPDS. No tools required.


  • Adder Poles: All sizes have optional adder poles for increased flexibility and ease-of-use. Adder poles can be stacked to form multi-pole units in the field witho ut the use of tools. Adder poles allow for customization of primary and secondary wire combinations. End barriers are also available for sale, catalog numbers can be found in the catalog number selection tables for each size block.
  • Wire Connectors: Standard aluminum and copper wire connectors are available. Aluminum connectors accept both AL or CU wire while copper connectors accept CU wire only. Connectors are all 1-piece tin-plated
  • Insulators: Insulators are virtually unbreakable, made of glass-filled polycarbonate. “Seethrough,” hinged safety covers are optional and provide a greater degree of safety and shock resistance where required. Hinged covers can be installed without tools
  • Spacings: 1 inch through air and 2 inches over surface between uninsulated live parts of opposite polarity meets requirements for feeder and branch circuit applications of UL508A
  • Safety Covers: Polycarbonate safety covers provide dead-front protection. One cover is needed for each pole. Each cover has a test probe hole in the center for circuit checking. Covers are optional accessories and catalog numbers can be found in the catalog selection tables for each size block

Part Numbers

  • Browse Product Data for part numbers & product information
  • Volts: 600VAC/DC
  • Amps:65 to 2260A based on NEC table 310.15(B)(16) 75ºC ampacities
  • SCCR:100kA with properly sized fuse
  • UL Listed - 1953, File E352417
  • CSA Certified: Class 6228 01
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Cable splicing, Splitting primary power into secondary circuits, Fixed junction tap-off points