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Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD

The Surge-Trap® Pluggable SPD provides advanced overvoltage protection by utilizing Ferraz Shawmut’s patented TPMOV design, which does not require fuses, a fuse holder or additional wiring in meeting the UL 1449 Third Edition standards thus providing substantial cost savings and reduced installation times. The Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD base is designed to be mounted on 35mm DIN-rail while plugs are easily replaceable upon failure without touching the base or the hassle of rewiring. It also features a visual indicator, easy installation, fail-safe design, mechanical coding and remote monitoring.

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  • Easy installation or retrofit
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Fail-safe /self-protected design
  • Remote indicator (optional)
  • Visual indicator
  • IP20 finger-safe design 
  • No fuse required
  • 2-yr warranty

Part Numbers



  • UL 1449 Third Edition
    Approved, File No E210793
  • Type 4 UL Recognized
    Component (tested to UL Type
    2 SPD)
  • IEC 61643-1
  • RoHS compliant
  • ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • CE
  • AC/DC distribution
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Programmable logic
    controller (PLC) applications
  • Power transfer equipment
  • HVAC applications
  • AC drives
  • UPS systems
  • Security systems
  • IT / Data centers
  • Medical equipment