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Ultrasafe Fuseholders - US14 Series

Ferraz Shawmut ULTRASAFE modular 750 volt Fuse Holders offer the highest levels of safety and features for 14 x 51 mm fuses. Like all ULTRASAFE holders, they qualify as "finger safe" to an IP20 grade of protection under IEC standards, including fuse changing (with the flick of a finger). The US14 range is available in 1, 2 or 3 pole units, with or without blown-fuse indicator lights in each pole. These holders come standard with a mechanical indicator that shows fuse presence. If a striker fuse is used, this mechanical indicator will also indicate a blown fuse. Microswitches can be supplied with the holders (or ordered separately for field installation) to allow remote communication. These holders also feature padlocking capabilities, DIN rail mounting with our unique latching system to allow re-positioning, and the capability to be joined as multiple poles in the field.

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DXF Drawings

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